2023-24 Classics Series

Enjoy Flex Packages of 3 or more performances and Individual Tickets.

The San Antonio Philharmonic is excited to welcome you to our 2023-24 season of Classics Performances. We have consciously crafted a season that will both satisfy your curiosity for what is new and reacquaint you with works that define symphonic music.

Community Concerts & Events

These events range in size from one musician to the full orchestra with soloists. The locations, prices, and times will vary.

School Concerts

As part of our commitment to enriching the lives of all San Antonio residents our free-admission concerts for upper elementary grades engage students with carefully-crafted programming of symphonic music and narrative that is richly cross-curricular, multi-sensory and interactive. Nearly 200 schools from all over the area sent classes to attend our Young People’s Concerts in the 2022-23 season. Over 26,000 students atended our programs in one season.